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Back in Print!

After three months of technical difficulties, my print books are once again for sale via my website. Huzzah! This is massive cause for celebration.     There was a lot of back and forth between me and customer support, a lot of debugging, testing and code that had to be reviewed (fortunately not by me). I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have this finally fixed at last, so I’m going to show you—with a 20% off coupon* that is good until August 31st. Enter PRINT20 at checkout and enjoy!   *Valid only for print books, one use per customer. These print books are 8.5” by 5.5”, slightly bigger than Amazon’s print versions, so please be aware...

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The Disturbance at Foxwood Court Amazon release.

When I wrote The Well-Dressed Werewolf, I had no idea I would be coming back to write Westaway’s origins one day. I was also pretty sure that I would never write an epistolary novel. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I do know that I am very pleased with how The Disturbance at Foxwood Court turned out and am very excited to share it with you all. 

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