Read by Candlelight: Character glossary

Suggested by Barb, this is a quick glossary of characters intended to counteract the confusion caused by the fact that the Read by Candlelight series is written and published out of chronological order. This is a work in progress as I intend to update this as I go rather than do it all at once. This is written to accompany The Lady of the Bog, and further characters will be added as I have the chance. 

Character Glossary.

Candy, Captain Rudyard.

Retired army officer, now residing in London. Possesses a glass eye, a decent knowledge of antiquities and a very loud laugh. Ha! First appearance: The Dead Letter Office.

Carruthers, Jasper.

Head of the Dead Letter Office, that office of Her Majesty’s Postal service concerned with reuniting lost mail with its owners. Fussy, particular, kind, with a marked aversion to argument of any kind. First appearance: The Dead Letter Office.

Cross, Thomas, Lord of Foxwood. 

Landowner of Foxwood Court and much of the surrounding countryside. A man of uncertain temper, wide correspondence, and a tragic past. Pip's employer and Julian's guardian. First appearance: The Secretary and the Ghost. 

Dawson, Francis. 

An artist, currently employed by Pip as an art teacher for Julian. Known for the meticulous care he gives his moustache and his work, and the indifference he displays towards pretty much everything. First appearance: The Art of Drowning.

Goodfellow, Harriet.

A no-nonsense woman with a practical bent, Harriet has proven herself as Foxwood's doctor many times over. No patience for those who believe a woman incapable of working just as well as a man. First appearance: The Secretary and the Ghost. 

Grimshaw, Newton (Newt). 

Former schoolteacher of Foxwood School. Named for Isaac Newton, Newt is better known for his practicality and attention to detail than his genius. First appears in The Heir of Westmacott Hall.

Leighton, Phillip (Pip). 

Secretary and heir to Lord Cross, enthusiastic amateur phasmatologist and investigator of the occult. Indifferent health, trained as a legal clerk. Julian's adoptive father. First appearance: The Secretary and the Ghost. 

Scott, Basil. 

An affable man. Currently employed by Pip as a tutor for Julian. Previously worked as a school teacher and as a consular assistant in Italy. Well travelled, has an abiding love of music. Good friends with Francis Dawson, has one sister: Rosemary. First appearance: The Weeping Statue.

Scott, Rosemary. 

A spirited young woman with very definite thoughts on freedom and woman's rights. A farmer's daughter, she is now adjusting to an entirely new way of life. First appearance: The Worst Behaved Werewolf.

Skelton, Florence. 

The daughter of Foxwood's vicar, Horace Skelton. A meek young woman with a love of literature, in particular, Jane Eyre. Takes a job as secretary. First appearance: The Lady of the Bog.

Skelton, Horace.

Replaced Gladwell as vicar to Foxwood. A stern man with a strict bent, a terror to choir boys. Disapproves of Pip's interest in the supernatural. First appearance: The Lady of the Bog. 

Vaugham, Amit. 

Adopted son of a British Missionary. Vaugham's ambition is to become a respected historian. First appearance: The Lady of the Bog.

Westaway, Julian. 

Adopted son of Pip, ward of Lord Cross, Patrick O'Connor's godson. Defies explanation. First appearance: The Disturbance at Foxwood Court. 

Williams, Biddy. 

The neighbourhood witch. Lives in Foxwood. Amused by Pip. First appearance: The Disturbance at Foxwood Court. 

Winsor, Griffin Charles. 

Former science master at Eton and frequent contributor to scientific journals, known for his genius. Promising career cut short by untimely death. Possibly haunting Westmacott Hall.