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The Christmas Party Earlybird Release.

This is two days behind schedule, but I’m not beating myself up about that. November has been an incredibly difficult month for my entire family. Although this is late, I’m actually really proud of myself for putting myself ahead of my publishing schedule. I’m pretty bad at recognising when I need to take a break, but there were a couple of times this month when I could have worked on writing or editing, but instead I realised that I needed to care for myself—and I did! And honestly, I think that is the reason I am able to bring you The Christmas Party today. If I’d pressed ahead and pushed myself, I might be in even worse shape than I...

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The Lord and the Banshee earlybird release.

I’ve got mixed feeling about this update. Normally, a new book is something to celebrate. However, this is not a book I think anyone is looking forward to! If you’ve been reading the Read by Candlelight series in publishing order, than you’ve already noticed that Cross is… absent…in later books. That he predeceased Pip was not exactly a secret. I knew that I wanted to tell the story of how Cross died at some point, but I thought that it would be a long while in the future. I was not expecting to write this book this year. This book had other plans and here we are! This was definitely one of the more challenging of the Read by Candlelight...

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New release: The Dead Letter Office on Amazon!

Happy Amazon release day to The Dead Letter Office! If you’ve preordered this book, it should have made its way to your kindle already—I think. We started daylight saving on Sunday, and I’m still adjusting. It’s been a long week! In addition to daylight saving, it’s the school holidays here. I wound up babysitting my niece and nephew, and wow. I already had a huge amount of respect for parents, but even more so now. Two days, and I am wiped out, with an energy hangover I just cannot shake. That said, it was a ton of fun! Highlights include: - taking my niece to a cat cafe! - visiting the Christchurch Museum for their 150th anniversary and getting birthday...

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