The Heir of Westmacott Hall: early bird release.

It is a miserable day here in North Canterbury! We haven’t seen the sun since yesterday morning. The hills that I can usually see from my window are distant, hazy shapes. Rain drips from the trees in the garden and drums on the roof. 

It is, in fact, eerily like the scene in Sorcerer’s Heart I was working on this morning. And on that note, yes, I’m still working on Sorcerer’s Heart! Progress is slow, but thanks to my author friend Jamie Sands and others joining me for regular writing sprints on the weekends, I am making progress.

I’ve also finally finished editing and formatting The Heir of Westmacott Hall, the fifteenth book in the Read by Candlelight series. I finished writing The Heir of Westmacott Hall in December, but due to my health issues and wanting to make Sorcerer’s Heart a priority, editing took a while. In my biased opinion, it is worth the wait:

The Heir of Westmacott hall in print form is laid on a table, beside a cup of tea and a bunch of white roses.


The Heir of Westmacott Hall.

 A mystery science can’t solve.

Newt Grimshaw lives by the scientific method. His current hypothesis is that transforming his former family home, Westmacott Hall, into a school will:

A) remove him from poverty

B) restore the ruined reputation of his chemist parents, and:

C) silence the rumours connected to Westmacott Hall for good.

But Westmacott Hall contains even more secrets than cobwebs. Someone is determined to prevent Newt from claiming his inheritance—and then Newt witnesses a dead man walking the halls of his family estate.

Alive, Griffin Winsor was determined to destroy the credibility of the Grimshaw name. Sudden death but an end to his campaign—or has his desire for revenge brought him back from beyond the grave? Newt doesn’t believe in ghosts, but Griffin is his only hope of uncovering the truth behind his parents’ tragic deaths.

To make his school a success, Newt must solve the mysteries of Westmacott, or risk becoming a failed experiment himself. As Newt grapples with the facts, will his adherence to science save him—or will Westmacott Hall claim another victim?

The Heir of Westmacott Hall is for those who enjoy their scientific rivals with a dash of the supernatural. It is the fifteenth book in the Read by Candlelight series of novellas featuring an LGBTQIA cast, and can be read as a standalone.

Grab The Heir of Westmacott Hall in epub form direct from my website (available until June 26th). Alternatively, read it first by joining me on Patreon. The Heir of Westmacott Hall is also available for preorder on Amazon.