New release: The Lady of the Bog

Happy Saturday! I am in back in Christchurch, celebrating the release of The Lady of the Bog with two of my favourite guys—Charlie, who you may remember from the dedication of The Disturbance of Foxwood Court, and his buddy Frank, who will get his own dedication is due course (possibly tomorrow if my writing goes to plan). Charlie is more interested in napping than in Florence and Rosemary heading out into the world, and Frank is parked by his food bowl in a very meaningful way. Such is the exciting life of an author!

The Lady of the Bog

An ancient queen refuses to stay in the past.

One day Florence Skelton is risking her father’s wrath by reading Jane Eyre and befriending Rosemary, the neighbourhood rebel. The next, a woman she doesn’t know is trying to drown her. To escape her would-be murderer, Florence takes a job as secretary companion to an archeologist and his beautiful, distant wife. But excavating Aylesport bog brings ancient—and deadly—secrets to the surface.

Florence can write about heroines, but navigating the bog’s treacherous waters requires courage she doesn't possess. Her only hope of survival is Rosemary—and Rosemary doesn’t even know she’s in trouble. Can Florence find her inner heroine before she becomes part of Aylesport’s chilling history?

The Lady of the Bog is the eleventh instalment of the Read by Candlelight series, gothic standalone novellas featuring an ever growing LGBTQIA+ ensemble cast. Read now to sink into a mist-filled world of ancient queens, literary heroines and a collective of lepidopterists.

Available in print or on Amazon.

The Lady of the Bog is a F/F story. I wrote a guest post over at Drops of Ink about going from writing M/M to LGBTQIA+, in case you were curious about why I’ve been writing more non-traditional M/M romance type stories lately. I suspect that if you’ve stuck around this long, you already know that I write the characters and stories that interest me rather than to fit a certain genre, and this shift feels like a natural extension of that.

To coincide with The Lady of the Bog’s release, The Secretary and the Ghost ebook is free on Amazon for the next 3 days (starting September 6th, ending midnight September 8th), and The Mystery of Brackenwell Hall has dropped to 99 cents in the US store (Sunday September 6 8:00 AM PDT-Tuesday September 8 8:00 AM PDT), and £0.99 in the UK store, Monday September 7 8:00-Wednesday September 9 8:00 AM GMT). Why are these times so weird? I had no idea what I was doing when I set them up. If you have friends who you think would enjoy the Read by Candlelight series, let them know about this. I’m hoping it will be a really good introduction to the series, and you may want to have a support group ready for book #13 (I want a support group for book #13 and I’m the one writing it).