The Dead Letter Office Earlybird Release

It is spring here in the Southern Hemisphere. Spring in North Canterbury means daffodils, rain and lambs. Lots of lambs. We’ve got all three right now. We had a lot of early daffodils this year, but there are still some flowering on the driveway. The weather is extremely changeable. I woke to the sound of rain and when I opened my curtains, there was a massive rainbow right outside. On my drive into town to deliver the flowers, I was constantly turning my windshield wipers on and off. And lambs…

Well, there were two lambs out on the driveway when I left to take the flowers in this morning. I let my stepdad know and he called the farmer whose property we’re living on to let him know. The lambs probably snuck through the fence and then couldn’t work out how to get back. Sheep are very good at this.

Anyway, the lambs were not on the driveway when I returned about twenty minutes ago, but when I went to make a cup of tea, I looked out the window and there are now two lambs in our garden. I’m not sure if these are the same lambs or if those lambs were reunited with their flock, and this is a different pair of escapees. They seem quite happy where they are for now. Further bulletins as events warrant!

On the subject of animals doing what they want, I am excited to bring you a cat that doesn’t exactly obey the rules in my newest Read by Candlelight book: The Dead Letter Office.

a bundle of letters, a box of matches, a magnifying glass resting on a map, and The Dead Letter Office displayed on a cellphone screen.

Look what the mailman dragged in…

Jasper Carruthers has turned deciphering smudged addresses and avoiding conflict into a fine art. A crate from Egypt contains a problem he cannot return to sender: a mummified cat sought by a desperate thief. Failure to deliver the cat will give the Postmaster General—Jasper’s vengeful son—the excuse he needs to oust Jasper from the postal service.

Jasper’s attempts to deliver the package attract the interest of Captain Candy, an insufferable bore under the mistaken impression that Jasper tolerates him. Even worse: the cat does not seem to realise she’s dead. Jasper’s not sure if he needs an Egyptologist or an exorcist. There’s only one thing he’s certain of: he needs help.

Forced to trust Candy with his secret, Jasper may at last have found something worth fighting for—but can he deliver the package before the cat lets herself out of the bag?

The Dead Letter Office is book twelve in the Read by Candlelight series of standalone Gothic novellas featuring an expanding cast of LGBTQIA+ characters. Pairs well with a hot pot of tea and a biscuit.

The Dead Letter Office is currently available in epub format from my store here, and to my Patreon supporters in mobi and epub format here. It will be available for sale until October 2nd, at which time, in order to comply with Amazon’s KU terms of service, I will take it down. Amazon readers, you can preorder The Dead Letter Office here.