New release: The Dead Letter Office on Amazon!

Happy Amazon release day to The Dead Letter Office! If you’ve preordered this book, it should have made its way to your kindle already—I think. We started daylight saving on Sunday, and I’m still adjusting.

It’s been a long week! In addition to daylight saving, it’s the school holidays here. I wound up babysitting my niece and nephew, and wow. I already had a huge amount of respect for parents, but even more so now. Two days, and I am wiped out, with an energy hangover I just cannot shake. That said, it was a ton of fun! Highlights include:

- taking my niece to a cat cafe!

- visiting the Christchurch Museum for their 150th anniversary and getting birthday cupcakes!

- my nephew interrupting a heated discussion niece and I were having about whether or not she was going to wear her nightie to bed (I was arguing yes, she needed to put her nightie on so she could go to bed, my niece’s argument was ‘watch me do a rolly-polly’), my nephew walked into the room with a bottle of HP sauce and just said ‘Picnic?’

Speaking of cats, without any further ado—The Dead Letter Office!

The cover of the Dead Letter Office rests on a pile of autumn leaves.


Look what the mailman dragged in…

Jasper Carruthers has turned deciphering smudged addresses and avoiding conflict into a fine art. A crate from Egypt contains a problem he cannot return to sender: a mummified cat sought by a desperate thief. Failure to deliver the cat will give the Postmaster General—Jasper’s vengeful son—the excuse he needs to oust Jasper from the postal service.

Jasper’s attempts to deliver the package attract the interest of Captain Candy, an insufferable bore under the mistaken impression that Jasper tolerates him. Even worse: the cat does not seem to realise she’s dead. Jasper’s not sure if he needs an Egyptologist or an exorcist. There’s only one thing he’s certain of: he needs help.

Forced to trust Candy with his secret, Jasper may at last have found something worth fighting for—but can he deliver the package before the cat lets herself out of the bag?

The Dead Letter Office is book twelve in the Read by Candlelight series of standalone Gothic novellas featuring an expanding cast of LGBTQIA+ characters. Pairs well with a hot pot of tea and a biscuit.

Read The Dead Letter Office on Amazon now!

In other news, I finished the draft of The Lord and the Banshee—only two weeks behind schedule. It was really tough to write! I joked about needing a support group, but it was only with copious amounts of whinging at other writer friends that I made it through. Thank you, friends!

That said, I finally did what I have been meaning to do for years, but never did because I couldn’t think of a good enough name—created a Facebook group to hang out in! If you’re interested in book banter, sneak peeks of future books, book recs and general chat (and who doesn’t like general chat?), come hang out at The St. Kevern’s Saints. You can check out the cover for The Lord and the Banshee.