The Vampire's Relic cover: a lesbian gothic romance. A pale woman with haunted eyes looks directly at the viewer. She is wearing an elaborate Victorian dress tightly buttoned up to conceal her neck. Her dark hair is elaborately curled and drawn back. She holds a lit candelabra before her. Behind her the full moon shines through the ruins of a castle.
The Vampire's Relic (print)

The Vampire's Relic (print)

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Does a vampire ever really die?

Actresses Hester Wilson and Kitty O’Hara have taken some strange gigs in their careers, but their latest is something else. The aptly named Lord Cross has hired them to investigate the disappearance of Leighton, his secretary. Kitty’s convinced this opportunity will secure their fortunes. Hester’s not sure. The more she hears about Leighton, the more skeptical she becomes. It’s the 1870s, after all. Who in their right mind believes in vampires, let alone voluntarily hunts them?

Countess Kohary, Vanda de Szigethy, is beautiful, charming, secretive—and cursed. Wherever she goes, sickness and dead bodies follow. Cross believes she has a hand in Leighton’s disappearance, but when Hester takes a position in Vanda’s household, she discovers a woman fighting the cruel legacy of her late husband. Vanda’s desperate struggle wins Hester’s admiration, even as her strange beauty casts an almost hypnotic spell. Is Vanda victim or vampire? Can Hester discover the truth in time to save Leighton? What will it take to end the vampire’s legacy for good?

The Vampire's Relic is the fifth book in the Read by Candlelight series, written for lovers of gothic romance. A lesbian gothic romance with supernatural elements, heavily inspired by J.S. Le Fanu's Carmilla. The print version is 8.5' by 5.5' and produced via