Cover of Morgen Prince, a mythological romance with a non-binary narrator: The top half of the cover features two seals swimming underwater. The lower half of the cover features the rocky Welsh shoreline.

Morgen Prince, Deep Magic #4 (print)

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Duhywynt’s only weapon against the world threatens everyone he cares about.

Duhywynt plans to spend his summer catching the legendary Ceffyl Dŵr and swapping make-up tips with his best friend, Myfanwy—until he discovers his older brother has traded his morgenau heritage for mortality. Worse, Myrhydion is far more concerned with Duhywynt’s lack of social life than his own untimely demise. Duhywynt will do anything to avoid losing him for ever, even if that means faking a friendship with Drew, an irritating tourist.

As Drew’s fascination with Duhywynt grows, the prince discovers the deadly legacy of his morgenau heritage, imperilling his relationship with Myfanwy—a relationship with depths he is only just beginning to understand. Can he overcome centuries of pain and embrace the unknown, or will his morgenau heritage claim another victim?

Morgen Prince is the fourth book in the Deep Magic series, and features a genderfluid/non-binary narrator, a YA appropriate romance and friends to lovers. The print version is 8.5' by 5.5' and produced via