The Art of Drowning cover, a gay gothic romance with supernatural elements. A brown haired man with a very impressive moustache stares beyond the viewer, expression haunted. Behind him, a lighthouse looms out of a stormy sea.

The Art of Drowning (print)

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How far will an artist go for his muse?

Frustrated artist Francis Dawson has come to the remote Scottish fishing village of Armadale to reconnect with his battered muse. But he gets more than he bargained for when he's struck down by a condition fatal to art: love.

Leith’s moods shift with the sea. Silent on his past, his present, in fact, on pretty much every subject, he nonetheless provides the inspiration Francis has been lacking. But even as his art takes flight, Francis finds himself mired in doubt. Are his feelings returned, or do Leith’s actions conceal a deadly secret?

When a fisherman drowns in perfectly fine conditions, Francis is drawn into a conflict knottier than a fishing net. But will solving this tangle free Leith—or end Francis’s painting career?

The Haunted Bedchamber is the sixth book in the Read by Candlelight series, written for lovers of gothic romance. A gay gothic romance with supernatural elements. The Art of Drowning is a standalone. The print version is 8.5' by 5.5' and produced via