The Mystery of Brackenwell Hall cover, a gay gothic romance: A pensive young man with blond hair looks to the left, marble columns behind him with the light of the full moon peeking through.

The Mystery of Brackenwell Hall, Read by Candlelight #2 (print)

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Enough to make anyone reach for the nearest bottle of laundanum...

Stephen Mereweather, a young invalid, doubts that gloomy Brackenwell Hall can cure him. What chance does country air, no matter how fresh, have against a disease that has baffled the greatest medical mind in London—his own father? Resigned to a long recovery, Stephen encounters instead a cheeky trespasser who takes Stephen’s bad mood as an invitation to be even more obnoxiously cheerful. 
Charlie’s inflated self-regard is not the only inexplicable occurrence at Brackenwell. Stephen’s family is plagued by a series of disappearances and deaths. If Stephen wants to avoid a premature death, he’ll need Charlie’s help... But Charlie may prove an even bigger mystery.

The Mystery of Brackenwell Hall is the second book in the Read by Candlelight series, written for lovers of gothic romance. A historical mystery with supernatural elements. 
The print version is 8.5' by 5.5' and produced via