The Disturbance at Foxwood Court: earlybird release

I am in serious trouble. This morning, I took my niece and nephew to Tūranga, the big central Christchurch library, on the bus. I made one big mistake right off the bat: I let my nephew choose what shoes he was going to wear. He choose a pair of gumboots that turned out to be way too big for him. Before we’d even reached the bus stop, they’d already fallen off once. It was too late to turn back. I spent the rest of the morning retrieving the gumboots, trying to keep them on my nephew, or, when this was not possible, near enough my nephew that we wouldn’t forget them. We returned home with both gumboots—but without Chachi, my niece’s toy dog. I’ve already called the library and discovered that a small toy dog is currently in the lost property. It’s now a race to retrieve Chachi before my niece realises she’s not home with us.

It’s somewhat ironic that Chachi went missing the day that I release the story of how Pip and Cross found Julian on Patreon and my website. If you prefer to read on your kindle, you can preorder it here. I’ll probably appreciate the irony more once I’ve got Chachi safely back home. I hope you don’t mind if I keep this short—I’ve got a dog to find!

The Disturbance at Foxwood Court.
There’s no Royal Society for the Protection of Werewolves.

Taming a stray dog was supposed to occupy Pip while he recovered from illness—not embroil him in a chilling supernatural plot. Nothing in his occult library explains how to care for a juvenile werewolf, but Pip knows this much: he would sooner die than let Julian be recaptured by the sinister Professor Rathbone.

He might have to. Rathbone will let nothing interfere with his experiments. To save Julian, Pip must risk his life, his reputation, and the world he’s built with Cross.

The Disturbance at Foxwood Court is the tenth book in the Read By Candlelight series, a collection of gothic novellas that weave suspense and paranormal mystery around an evolving ensemble cast. Grab The Disturbance at Foxwood Court today to dive into a world of suspense, the supernatural, and proper table manners.